Reproductive Behavior – In Utero and Lactational Exposure to Bisphenol A, In Contrast to Ethinyl Estradiol, Does Not Alter Sexually Dimorphic Behavior, Puberty, Fertility, and Anatomy of Female LE Rats

Author: Bryce Ryan
Publication: Reproductive Development and Behavior
Date: October 15, 2009

In this study, funded and conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), female rats were fed BPA during pregnancy and lactation at dosage levels approximately 40 to 4,000 times above estimated median human consumption, and the female offspring were studied for effects on behavior and reproductive function. No effects from exposure to BPA were found in this study. In contrast, the well-known estrogen ethinyl estradiol (EE2) had significant effect on the rodents, demonstrating the sensitivity of the study and the validity of the results for BPA. For more information, please click here.