Some thermal paper receipts can contain BPA as a component of the heat sensitive coating that allows for inkless printing. This paper technology provides speedy, reliable and cost-effective printing.

A 2011 investigation of the safety of thermal paper receipts containing BPA by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency concluded that these products are safe for consumers. According to the Danish agency, “the receipts do not pose a risk to consumers or cashiers who handle the receipts. Even if they are pregnant and even when taking into account the amount of BPA that also comes from food.”

We know a great deal about how the human body processes minute exposures to BPA from testing human volunteers, and available data suggests that BPA is not readily absorbed through the skin. Additionally, biomonitoring data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control shows that total consumer exposure to BPA, which would include exposure from receipts, is extremely low.

How Much BPA?

BPA is used safely in food packaging items to extend shelf life and protect food from contamination and spoilage. Scientific research explains what happens inside the human body when trace amounts of BPA are consumed.

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