The results of these studies provide strong support for the safety of BPA, as documented in numerous assessments conducted by government agencies around the world. Key findings are organized below, with more details available at the links.

  • The FDA CLARITY Study

    A landmark research program about BPA was designed and conducted by U.S. federal government scientists. It provides strong support for the safety of BPA. Building on more than 20 preceding studies, the CLARITY Core Study, which was funded by the National Toxicological Program and conducted by FDA senior scientists, reconfirms BPA safety.

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  • FDA Research on BPA

    Comprehensive research conducted by U.S. federal government scientists provides strong support for the safety of BPA.  More than 20 studies from this in-depth research program have been published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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  • Global Safety Assessments of BPA

    Government scientists and scientific bodies around the globe have extensively evaluated the weight of scientific evidence on BPA. These assessments consistently conclude that BPA is safe as used in materials that come into contact with food, such as reusable food-storage containers and linings in metal food cans.

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  • Key Safety Assessments & Research Studies on BPA

    Hundreds of laboratory studies have been conducted on BPA to better understand exposure and potential health effects. The key studies summarized here are significant because of their high utility for assessing the safety of BPA.

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