Now that fall is underway and you’re already growing tired of all the pumpkin flavored treats, Halloween must not be too far away. That means it’s time to head to the store to pick up the trendiest Halloween décor to guarantee shock from trick-or-treaters. But before you buy, have you considered what some of these products are made of? Chances are, some may be made with a safe, common chemical known as BPA.
BPA is a building-block chemical used to make a certain kind of plastic known as polycarbonate, which has unique properties. Polycarbonate is used in products, like flashlights, to make them lightweight and durable. And polycarbonate’s shatter-resistance makes it ideal for LED lights to illuminate the jack-o-lanterns on your doorstep.
Take a look at some of the common ways BPA is used to keep trick-or-treaters spooky and safe on Halloween night:
• Flashlights – For trick-or-treaters, flashlights are key to avoid getting lost. Polycarbonate gives flashlights their strong, shatter-resistant outer casing so trick-or-treaters can collect candy through their neighborhood late into the evening.
• Halloween decorations – Every neighborhood has one house that spares no expense when decorating for holidays throughout the year. Many of those decorations would not be possible without polycarbonate. Those spooky plastic tombstones and skeletons are durable and shatter-resistant because they are made from polycarbonate.
• LED lights – To keep your jack-o-lanterns burning bright into the night, LED lights have become the lights of choice. Polycarbonate plastic allows LED lights to be more durable, as well as transparent and more energy efficient.
Products made with polycarbonate help keep trick-or-treaters safe on Halloween night, and using BPA to make the polycarbonate for these products is safe as well. BPA is one of the most widely studied chemicals in use today. According to the multi-year CLARITY Core Study, the largest study ever done on BPA, BPA has very little potential to cause health effects, reinforcing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s answer to the question, “Is BPA safe?” “Yes.
With Halloween fast approaching, rest assured your trick-or-treater will have a safe and fun Halloween thanks to polycarbonate made from BPA—which isn’t so spooky after all!